Nolan Carroll Foundation, Inc.

“STEM Modules Donations”

July 30th, 2019

The Nolan Carroll Foundation will donate 3rd Grade National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center STEM educational modules to Northeast Florida teachers in at-risk and low-income schools.

“To help stimulate their interest in STEM we want to get these distinctive categories of educational STEM modules in front of challenged elementary students to help spark their critical thinking,” said Nolan Carroll, President Nolan Carroll Foundation.

The Nolan Carroll Foundation’s mission is to encourage the next generation to pursue cyber technology as a career and to give young students interest in STEM as early as possible. To help teachers obtain STEM curriculum into their classrooms, the Foundation will be providing free STEM Fundamentals Kits for third-grade teachers who teach kids in low income and at-risk schools. The curriculum encourages students to learn fundamental scientific concepts in an engaging, project-driven curriculum. Students learn to ask questions and explore the world through simple and comprehensive activities and will work through modules including  •Matter •Weather •Living or Nonliving •Flowering Plants •Energy •Forces and Motion. Teachers can submit their application for these free modules by sending an email to the Nolan Carroll Foundation. Email must include a brief statement explaining the teacher’s student population’s special circumstances which qualifies them to receive the modules, the number of students in the class, contact information and the school’s location. To apply email: The application process will remain open until all modules are gone. Teachers will be notified of their selection via email.



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