Former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll was on hand Thursday night, May 21st, at the Russell Baptist Church in Green Cove Springs to award scholarships in her son’s name to two graduating Clay High School seniors. Her son, Nolan Carroll, a cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles, created these scholarships in partnership with Applebee’s Restaurants because he wanted to help lessen the financial burden placed on college-bound seniors.

The first, the Nolan Carroll Academic Scholarship, was available to all Clay High seniors who carried a minimum GPA of 2.8, was accepted to a college or university, had submitted two letters of recommendation, and had written an essay explaining the importance of volunteering/community service, This year’s winner of the first Nolan Carroll Academic Scholarship was Bridget Vincent. Ms. Carroll noted that in Bridget’s essay,m the senior went on to say that, “Volunteer work provides this connection by allowing those of various backgrounds to make an impact in one another’s lives. This type of giving enables some friendships to be sewn in the foundation of selflessness and humility. Selfless acts of kindness not only aids those that receive these gifts of goodwill, but also help those that offer service.” Bridget plans on attending the University of Central Florida in the fall.

The second scholarship was created as an athletic scholarship entitled the Nolan Carroll “Riddle Athletic” Scholarship, named in honor of Nolan’s old football coach, Ron Riddle, when he attended Clay High. Nolan remembered that it was Coach Riddle who set the example to him and to his teammates about the effect that one person can have on another person’s life just with the simple act of lending a helping hand. The athletic scholarship was available to all Clay High college-bound seniors who were student athletes, had a minimum GPA of 2.8, was accepted to a college or university, could produce two letters of recommendation, and had written an essay on how sports had made a difference in their life. This year’s winner of the Nolan Carroll “Riddle Athletic” Scholarship was Jonathan Michael David. Ms Carroll recalled that Jonathan singled out a few things that were very apropos in his essay. She said, “He pointed out leadership, trust, listening, being a role model, coaching, teamwork, believing in oneself, and having a positive attitude.” She added, “In Jonathan’s essay, he stated that the quality of sportsmanship… has taught me that even though some people may beat me, I still have to do my best to remain calm and congratulate them for their resilience and for their effort. With this in mind, it helps both of us compete at a higher level.” Jonathan will be attending St. Johns River Community College later this year.

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